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Pressure cooker WMF

Our partner:

The SEB Group in France is a leading manufacturer of high-quality cookware. With a wide range of products, including pots, pans, bakeware and kitchen utensils, the SEB Group offers innovative solutions for amateur chefs and professionals alike.

The plant in Geislingen stands for quality, innovation and tradition. This is where WMF products are developed, tested and produced, using state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality materials. WMF Geislingen is proud to offer products that meet the highest standards of design, functionality and durability.


Their products are not only practical, but also stylishly designed and fit perfectly into any modern kitchen. With innovative features such as ergonomic handles, practical lids and easy cleaning options, SEB Group cookware offers an optimal user experience

The components we make for WMF/SEB:

The complex assembly of the WMF pressure cooker comprises various components that work together to create an efficient and safe cooking environment. These include the pot itself, the lid with safety mechanisms, valves for pressure regulation, gaskets, handles and controls.

When developing and manufacturing this complex assembly, WMF/SEB places great emphasis on quality, functionality and user-friendliness. The components are carefully selected and designed to ensure reliable performance and easy handling.

Here, too, we are in close contact and have done justice to the above-mentioned characteristics.

Weiss shows here that problems are a challenge that we overcome together with the customer.

A so-called win-win situation in which we have a satisfied customer and the customer has a partner/supplier who makes a strong contribution.

The assemblies are a mixture of optical and technical components. The technical components must interlock 100% and function permanently, as there are safety-relevant aspects. The optical properties are of course a flawless surface, which must be robust and visually appealing at the same time.


  • High-quality cookware
  • Innovative components
  • Design and functionality
  • Quality and reliability
  • Customer-oriented solutions

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