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WEISS Hungaria Kft

We are pleased to present our partner plant in Györ, Hungary - a significant step on our path to internationalisation. This expansion enables us to offer our services globally and strengthen our presence in Europe

Via our subsidiary in Györ:

In the centre of the heart of Europe, in picturesque Györ, we welcome you to our modern partner plant. Györ is not only characterised by its central location, but is also a key city in the European automotive industry. Our decision in favour of Györ as a location is strategically sound and enables us to respond optimally to the needs of our customers.

Our plant in Györ is equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities that meet the latest technological standards. We prioritise quality and efficiency to ensure that we meet the high standards of our customers. The proximity to the thriving automotive industry in Györ not only enables us to ensure a smooth production process, but also gives us a direct insight into the latest developments and innovations in the industry.

Working with highly skilled local professionals helps to ensure that our partner plant is not just a production facility, but also a centre of expertise and innovation

Our international vision:

The opening of this partner plant is part of our long-term strategy to have a global presence and expand our reach. By internationalising our company, we not only want to strengthen our market position, but also better serve our customers worldwide.

We are proud to share this exciting development with you and look forward to continuing our successful co-operation.

For more information about our partner plant in Györ, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact us at any time to find out more about our international activities and offers.


Why Györ?

Györ not only offers an excellent central location in Europe, but is also known for its thriving automotive industry and highly skilled workforce. By working together with our plant in Györ, we can respond more flexibly to the needs of our customers and at the same time offer competitive products and services.

Why Hungary?

Hungary not only offers a solid economic infrastructure, but also a skilled labour force and a business-friendly environment. By working together with our subsidiary in Hungary, we can respond more flexibly to the needs of our customers and offer competitive products and services at the same time.

WEISS Hungary in Numbers

  • 2.007 Founding
  • 2.011 Construction of our own production hall
  • 5.200 Production floor in m²
  • 25.000 Area in m²
  • 95 Employees
  • 32 Injection moulding machines

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